37. How does the Alert System work in Quiz King and in WOKcraft


An Alerted question will be yours after 72 hours!

In Quiz King and in WOK in general, there are questions that can be questionable for their quality for many reasons. 
In Quiz King and WOKwiki, you can Alert the question in the review mode. The Alert triggers a 72-hour note to the "Owner" of the question in WOK. "The owner" is a. the creator or b. the person who has Alerted and claimed ownership of question if the creator has not taken any action to edit a question during 72 hours after the Alert. 
We trust the WOK community and public domain to self-regulate questions in WOK just like the Wikipedia users are maintaining Wikipedia for correct facts. Our SuperWOKers will handle many errors but not all. We trust the WOK community. The difference is that the creator has 72 hours to fix the problem or the question will be yours to handle. How to handle them? login to WikiMaster app and edit the questions you have made or got ownership of in this app. Quiz King is a part of the ecosystem of the quiz system WOK but has not all functions built in like edit questions. 

1. To review a question in Quiz King, click any of the rounds 1-5, anywhere on the row. For obvious reasons; you cant review questions you have not yet answered. But you can review questions your opponent have not yet answered. 

QK7 screen Alert1b 140910
2. Open the round and swipe among the 4 questions in the round . If you need to Alert: click exclimation mark to Alert a question. 

QK7 screen Alert2 140910
3. State the general reason for your Alert. 

QK7 screen Alert3 140910

4. Give comment so the owner can fix the question and raise the quality of the question in WOK and Quiz King. 

QK7 screen Alert1 140910

5. The opponent in the round will answer the question "as is". If the question has changed, he/she will answer the question after the change is made, so it can be a difference between players. If not, the question will be same for both WOKers / players. In order for any other WOKer to see this question again in Quiz King, the question has to be reapproved by a SuperWOKer. If the question has been alerted by any other WOKer, the same thing happens. This is the way WOK has chosen to do it, with the tradeoffs of benefits and drawbacks. WOK is a living system and is developing in a never-ending loop. WOK will over time be the largest Knowledge System online. 

6. What happens if a WOKer alert the question and nobody does anything about it? 
The question will not be in any rounds of Quiz King but will stay in WOKcraft. It will be in Class C. Reported as Alerted. Until edited. So even if a Quiz King player reports it, the question will not show up in Quiz King after an alert until improved by the owner or a SuperWOKer. 

7. How does WOKcraft Inc prevent any misuse of content and to flag and remove inappropriate content and offensive users in Quiz King app or any other app such as WikiMaster?

Apple requires that users agree to terms (EULA) and these terms must make it clear that there is no tolerance for objectionable content. WOKcraft Inc, the publisher of Quiz King have the Terms of Use of WOKcraft that the users agree to follow upon signing up to the game. In EULA: Users need a mechanism to flag objectionable content and report users generating this content: This is provided by the Alert System (See above in detail how it works). WOKcraft has also a staff of Content Manager who acts as moderator to supervise break of rules and constant misuse such as offending content. 

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Quiz King FAQ In English

QuizKing logo 256 140902

Quiz King is the Quizbattle app from WOKcraft

Quiz King FAQ - frequently asked question about the quiz and trvia app for iOS Quiz King and Android Quiz King is divided into

  1. Quiz King FAQ
  2. WOK related FAQ.

Playing Quiz King quizgame and quizbattles on your phone or tablet, you become a registered member of WOKcraft, the global knowledge network for quiz that are the social network and community for knowledge and learning by havinig fun.
So this page is divided into WOK related and Quiz King related topics. Enjoy our knowledge brain exercise and hope you can find your info about Quiz King you looking for here on this links. And hopefully you will have as much fun as we had developing this addictive learning app.
Please also consider to check

  1. A quick overview of Quiz King app (a 30- 60 sec overview)
  2. Introduction to Quiz King (a 5 min overview and step by step guide of the Quiz King app)


For general WOK questions 1-10 : see WOKcraft FAQ

11. How to download the WOK apps ?

11. How to download the WOK apps ?

In AppStore and Google Play Store :
Search most easy for WOKcraft as the company behind WOK is pubishing apps is WOKcraft. Then you see what availible apps there is in AppStore in your area. At the moment there is a few apps in Appstore and Google play store from WOkcraft working in the WOK ecosystem:

  1. Quiz King iOS app and Quiz King Google Play for Android app for quizbattles
  2. WikiMaster iOS app and WikiMaster Google Play app
  3. WikiFlip iOS app and WikiFlip Google Play app

Quiz King in AppStore https://itunes.apple.com/sa/app/quiz-king/id887963198?mt=8
Quiz King in Google Play https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.wok.quizking
Arabic version of Quiz King ملك المعرفة https://itunes.apple.com/eg/app/mlk-alm-rft/id929071695?mt=8
Other apps from WOK that are in the WOK ecosystem:

WikiMaster in AppStore https://itunes.apple.com/eg/app/wikimaster/id1062887157?mt=8
WikiMaster in Google Play https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.wok.wiki WikiFlip in AppStore https://itunes.apple.com/eg/app/wikiflip/id1156078290?mt=8 WikiFlip in Google Play https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.wok.wikiflip

12. How do I return to a WOKer I want to play / challenge in a battle?

Go to the menu in upper right corner. Go to Home. Scroll down to see ongoing battles and finished. The green names and blinking arrow is battles that you can play. The yellow is unfinished battles that you wait for other WOKers to complete their round. The purple ones is finished battles. If you swipe to the right, you can erase a battle from the Home. If you swipe to the left, you can check the battle and review questions in each round.

13. How do I see if someone have sent me a chat message?

QK home screen 151011

In the Home screen you see a purple symbol if a WOKer have sent you a chat. You can also see this in the chat button in review screen.


14. How do I find the right answers to questions in Quiz King?

The right answer will popup in green as soon as you have answered the question in the round. Your answer will be displayed with an arrow on the right of the alternative. Your opponent WOKer answer will be displayed on the left in the alternative. (if he/she have already answered in the round) .

After a round is finished you can also review the answers and then you get much more information. Go to Home. Chose a battle. Click to see the review screen. Click then on a round. Each question is displayed. Swipe to the right to go to next. Swipe up to see the learning link and tags. And statistics about how other WOKers have answered. This is of course an excellent way to review the right answer. Because with learning links we have added wikipedia to the questions. So if you did not know: You click and learn with the help of Wikipedia! And if learning link is missing: click "Learning link" and add one. Next WOKers will thank you and you get lots of WOkbits in the process of helping WOK be even better. Yes, we turned learning into a game. Yes, this is not a coincidence. WOK is the Knowledge Network. And Quiz King is the tool to make it fun!

QK RQ1 151011
QK RQ2 151011b
QK RQ3 151011

15. Can I swipe left and right to go back?

QK7 swipe 150529

Yes. All over in the app: We have implemented swipe left to make it easy to go back. Try to swipe and you will see how intuitive it is.

16. If home is too long to swipe and I want to delete any played battles: How do I do this?

QK7 swipe 150529

Swipe to the right and click X for delete the battle in Home. If you for any reason wants to review a question from this battle: All questions answered by a WOKer can be reviewed in WOKcraft.com even if the battle is deleted in Home screen of Quiz King. Login to www.wokcraft.com with the same email and password as in Quiz King.

17. How do you start a quiz battle?

QK7 Screen start battle 150529

click the green button in Home. Go to meny in the upper right corner to find Home. Then click a choice:

  1. Choose by click Search and find a WOKer in WOK (green)
  2. Find a Facebook friend. You see a small icon on the pic of which has already a WOK account. (blue)
  3. Click Random button to see a Random player profile and then click play. (purple)
  4. You can also choose a random WOKer by just shake the device . If you shake; you start a battle without knowing which WOKer you will play. This means: You can always play Quiz King and answer the multiple choice questions anytime. Anywere if you have a wifi or mobile connection. (Offline is currently not possible.)
  5. Nearby. You will see all WOKers in your neighborhood on the map. A great way to meet WOKers live if you are on the same place and like to share a Quiz King battle and get to know new friends!

19. Who chooses category in the 5th round?

QK7 screen 5thround 140912

Since both WOKer have chosen 2 rounds each, and for getting the battle as exiting as it can get: The fifth round is chosen by the WOKer that has least WOKbits in the battle. So player behind in the WOKbits score will have a small upper hand ahead of the decisive 5th round!

18. Who choose the main category?

QK7 screen category choose 140916

Each player who press Play or Start or shake a random player choose the Main category in the first round. Currently there is 20 main categories (MC) and one General Knowledge category. You choose one out of three random chosen. This way you have an upper hand to choose a category of your liking. After answering 4 questions on time in the first round, your opponent WOKer will answer the same question as you. he or she will do this in his own time. A notification in the app is sent and the WOKer will know she or he have a round to play.

When your opponent have answered the first four questions in round 1, he/she choose the main category in round 2. So: round 1 is wrapped and then round 2 start with same player that finished round 1. This time your opponent choose a Main category. So your opponent ansee 4 in round 1 and can direct go to round 2 and play his 4 questions in round 2. When round 2 is answered buy your opponent WOKer, you will get the notification to play round 2. You will then choose round 3. And your opponent will after this choose the Main category in round 4. When both player have chosen 2 categories each (round 1+round 3) for the WOKer that initiated the battle and round 2 and 4 for the opponent, one player choose the Main Category in Round 5.

20. Why do I get a different score even if my opponents choose the same answer?

QK7 screen 55 review battle 140925

We who made Quiz King we have played a lot of quiz apps. We love many of them! There is a great level out there. We are quiz app lovers and we thought that a player who anser quick on a question shall be rewarded over a player who take more time to think and guess. So we made the score in a formula that gave a quick answer much more WOkbits than if you are slow. In many apps, you will recognize the questions and Quiz King will therefore award knowledge higher. So if you have seen a question before and know the answer: You can answer quick and get more WOKbits: Knowledge always wins!

21. Does “Knowledge" always win?

QK7 screen category choose 140916

Some players play poker by bluffing. They might not know but take a chance of go all in with bad cards scaring their opponents. Same in Quiz King. In Quiz King you can “go all in“ by answer very quick on a question not knowing the answer but have 25% chance of getting correct from A, B, C or D alternative, thus get a lot of WOKbits even if you have no clue and just take a chance. A WOKer has to play the way he feel: Safe or take chance. Against different player, you might need different tactics! Know your enemy, but overall: Know your knowledge: Whats in your head in terms of knowledge will always be the winner.

This makes Quiz King addictive and so fun! Compare Quiz King to the rest of the quiz apps out there!

22. If I know a question for sure, can I hedge my score?

QK7 screen question inplay 1 140917

Quiz King is a free app and no one is forced to play Quiz King and have to play. WOK is a free system to use just like Facebook, Twitter or Wikipedia if you are online. But we have spiced the play for WOKers who like to hedge their score. You can upgrade the possibility to have double (2x), triple (3x) or quadruple (4x) in each question. So when you have upgraded to any of these choices thru The Store with an inapt purchase in the Menu: You can click on 2x, 3x, 4x in each question before you click on your answer to hedge your score.

The tricky part here is that if you play with the 2x,3x,4x buttons: You will have minus score if you are wrong on the alternative. No bet and wrong anser gives you zero WOKbits, but when you bet; You can hedge your score, but also loose a lot of WOKbits which makes the play so much more fun. You have to go all in when you are sure of the correct answer! And use the head to judge when to bet and when not to bet.

23. Can I avoid play upgraded WOKers when I still use the free app and haven't upgraded to 2X,3X,4X ?

QK7 screen question inplay 1 140917

Yes, you can see if the WOKer have upgraded in the Profile pic. Some WOKers want to play with WOKers that has upgraded and some WOKers will not play with an upgraded WOKer because he/she feels its unfair and don’t want to upgrade. Its all up to any WOKer to choose. Check the Profile of the WOKer for the 2x,3x,4x symbol that tells you if he/she have upgraded to be able to bet on the questions in every round.

24. How do I change my avatar?

QK7 screen change avatar 150524

In the Top Bar, click on the round picture to change the picture and choose a picture from the Album in your device. You can also go to Profile page of your own name in Scoreboard to do this.

25. How can I be anonymous?

QK7 edit profile 150528

Quiz King is a part of Wok and a social network for quizzes. No one force you to show and display your own name. You can easily login with your Facebook account and change a name to someone else without anyone knowing who you are. In Quiz King: Go to Settings in the menu and edit Family Name and Given name (Quiz King and WOK use 2 fields for this so its not possible to have one joedoe is Joe Doe). So a changed name and a pic chosen with anything but your face will make sure you can play Quiz King anonymously. And you can place yourself in any country and city to compare yourself in other parts of the world than the actual place you live if you so choose.

26. Can I hide myself from the map not display my whereabouts and location in Quiz King?

QK7 Settings Panel 150528

Yes. Go to device Settings. Choose Quiz King and turn off Show on map. WOKers who use the function to find Nearby WOKers will not find you on the map.

You can also set this function in WikiMaster Apps Settings since your account in WOK is universal. 

27. Can I hide myself on the scoreboard ?

QK7 Settings Panel 150528

Yes. You can hide yourself in Scoreboard to: Go to device Settings. Choose Quiz King and turn off Show in Scoreboard. WOKers who turn off themselves from the Scoreboard can play with others and still be found by random shakes. But the results and comparison with others is hidden. We are all different and this need for privacy is built in i WOK and Quiz King. Quiz King is suppose to be fun even if you are not in the top of any lists ! Every question you answer gives you more knowledge! And more fun!

28. How can I check that the answer and question is correct ?

QK RQ5 151011

In Review Round you can see all your questions in each round. click on any round to view answered questions. You can of course not see the opponents answer before you have answered yours, but once you have answered; you can check the correct alternative even if your opponent have not yet had time to answer the questions in a round.

Swipe the 4 questions . NOTE! swipe down to see more info and the excellent function Learning Link! If no learning link is provided: click the headline “Learning Link” and search for a suitable article in Wikipedia. Once chosen: All WOKers can read more about the answer and facts around the question. So your curiosity is satisfied and next time a WOKer will check the question; The link you found is there for anybody to click and learn.

29. Why is not all questions in WOK tagged or have a learning link?

QK RQ4 151011

WOK is made by the WOKers. Just like Wikipedia is a collaboration of all knowledge lovers around the globe making Wikipedia great, WOK is made of users who love quizzes, trivia, facts and learning per se. In fact: WOK aim to make all questions to all wikipedia articles and this project is a never ending project.

When a WOKer create a question : Sometimes the question is good but there is no time to provide tags and learning links. So other WOKers will help and fill in the gaps if something is missing. Each time you add a learning link or a tag to a question: You improve WOK and make it more useful. So play Quiz King and create WOK to be the learning tool as good as Wikipedia! We call WOK Wikipedia 2.0.

Knowledge is built with joy. With joy we build WOK! Embrace knowledge and play Quiz King battles in our app for iOS and Android!

30. Can I play Quiz King in other languages?

QK7 change language 150529

Currently we have Quiz King in english, arabic and swedish with both the app menus and the questions from the WOK database.

We have made the menus in portugeise and german as well, but we have not yet a sufficient number of questions made in this languages, but will soon have.

You can help WOK project by create questions in French, German, Arabic, Portugeise, Spanish, Swedish and English. Go to Create Question and click the globe symbol to chose Input Language.

WOK will grow quick over time and this info might be out of date when your read this.

31. How do I create a question in Quiz King ?

Go to menu and choose Create Question . You will have 4 steps in this process:

  1. Create a multiple choice question with a fact to make it in a trivia format. Choose one correct answer and three incorrect. Make sure the facts are correct. click W to use Wikipedia as a source to make sure its correct.
  2. Confirm the question you just made by answer it. If you find an error, go back and make a correction. When you click on the correct alternative in the confirmation in step 2: Your question is now saved in WOK database! Thank you! Now you have contributed to make WOK better. Your question is by default placed in General Knowledge.
  3. Please put your question into a Main category by choose the most appropriate Main Category from the scroll list. If you choose a Category (MC) the question will move from General Knowledge MC to the choice you made.
  4. Tag the question by add tags to it. Example: A question about Albert Einstein will have “Einstein" as a tag . And a learning link. Choose one here. Its optional but very useful. Each tag is award with 5 WOkbits and each Leanring Link is award with 10 WOKbits.

The question is now in the WOK database for review (class B) by administrators. It can without any delay or authorization be used by the creator to put in a quiz (Collect all Einstein question into a quiz about Albert Einstein) using wokcraft.com. But to be among the questions in Quiz King: It will have to be reviewed and upgraded to class A for validation and quality assurance.

32. What if a question is obviously wrong in facts or writing etc?

QK7 alert question 150529
QK7 alert question select 150529

As soon as you have answered a question and completed the round: You can go back and review the question. You will see how fast you and your opponent have answered the question. You will see how many percent each alternative have been chosen historically. You will see the name of the creator and haw many times the question have been answered. (scroll / swipe down) to see all facts about the question like when it was created and last edited.

If you for some reason find error in the question: click the Alert warning triangle to Alert it. It will then be stopped from use exempt for the opponent who will have the chance just like you to user it. Read More on Alert.

33. What happens on an alert?

QK7 alert question select 150529

An alert on a question for any reason trigger a 72 hours correction time for the creator or the owner of the question to react and change the error. This is done WOKwiki. During this 3 days, the owner of the question can make the change (or actively deny any wrong). If he/she do this, the ownership is still in hands of the creator/owner and not the alerter.After 72 hours and nothing has passed: The question is turned to the Alerter who now can change the question and “fix it”. It is in this process turned into "class C”. For the question to return to Quiz King: It has to be validated by an administrator for WOK to be “back in Quiz King” again.

The Alert system works in WOKwiki and Quiz King. Read More on Alert.

34. What happens with the questions in the round if battery if connection fails or battery ran out?

QK7 screen reviewround 140912

When you start a round by chose a category, question loads from the WOk server of database to the app Quiz King. It picks a random four questions out of all questions in the Main Category. There are 20 Man Categories + one general ( General Knowledge).

In other leadning quiz apps in AppStore, you can cheat by answer the questions, note the answers and then quit the app before the session is over and then start again by having the same. In Quiz King, you can not. These questions are loaded once and if you run out of juice (battery) or if there for some reason is a connection fail, the round is "dead". You will not get back the questions again. If the problem occurs before loadning, you will get a new chance to get 4 new questions. This is the way we have approched it since we think it is much more fair.

PS. You can to our knowledge cheat in one of the most downloaded Quiz app in AppStore by quit before last round and start over with same Q and know all the answers from prio the quit, which we found an embarrising bug not handle long after the launch. ... DS.

35. What happends if misconduct and offensive content is discovered?

QK7 alert question select 150529

We will immediatelly monitor and make sure offensive content is removed and user will be blocked if its obvious not a mistake or in the greyzone. Our moderators and administrators are the highest in a chain of WOKers. The community in WOK is monitoring and reporting misuse and errors in questions so the likelihood of offensive content beeing public for mere a short time if none is very unlikely . See also a specific article on how Alert System in Quiz King is used.

36. How to know the chat messages that another WOKer send to me?

QK7 alert question select 150529
QK chat screen 151019
When you open Quiz King app you will see a list of quizbattles with different WOKers.
In front of WOKers you will see chat symbol QK chat icon 151019 with a number of messages inside it.
In this case it means you have 2 messages from Marina Mukhina.
Once you click the chat icon you will see those messages waiting for reply.
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