Introduction to Quiz King app for iOS and Google Play


This is an introduction to Quiz King app for iOS and android!

The free trivia quiz game app Quiz King for iOS and android is developed by WOKcraft Inc and is a part of the online social network WOK - World of Knowledge. 
WOK community and the WOKers aims to make all the questions to all wikipedia article by having the WOKers have fun playing quiz games like Quiz King and WOKwiki
This app is not a one hit wonder as so many quiz apps out there; Everytime you play: the WOKers help WOK to be better and make learning links and tags and improve the social learning knowledge network WOK. This keywords will be linked to wikipedia articles  in app WOKwiki so all knowledge seekers can check if they learned anything when they read an wikipedia article. Our mission is actually to create the best school in the world by adding the layers of multiple questions to the already best enclocypedia: Wikipedia. 

Well: This is how Quiz King works! Enjoy the quizbattles! Enjoy Quiz King!

Download the app in AppStore and in Google Play

QK7 screen AppStore sv 140912

Download the app in AppStore for your iPhoen and iPad! 
Or download the app Quiz King in Google Play for Android!
If you have trouble finding the app searching : Search for WOKcraft and scroll to app Quiz King  . Note: In some countries: We have not launched yet. Eventually we will during 2015! 

Start the app Quiz King!

QK7 screen splash1 140912QK7 screen splash 140912QK7 screen signup 140912QK7 screen signin 140912

 After launching the app Quiz King: You can login or register an account in WOKcraft
a. By Facebook. One click and you are in. Just accept the Facebook info. All your info is safe. And you can still change name inside WOKcraft and login with Facebook if you like to play with a psedonym. 
b. Register a WOKcraft account. Be sure to use a mailadress and a First and Last name  (we use both in the app) 
c. Login if you have an WOKcraft account or played Quiz King before. Same login in WOKwiki app as in Quiz King. You are a WOKer in the WOK ecosystem of quizzes. 

Home screen in Quiz King

QK7 screen Home 140912

In Home, the Start screen that you see after login: You will see your quizbattles. Ongoing and finished quizbattles. For a first time loginuser: We have given all new rookie- WOKer a random WOKer to play with.  
a. green blinking means, you can play the opponent, another registered user in WOKcraft, called WOKer. = Its your turn to play. 
b. yellow means you have started to play and wait for your opponent to play her/his round. (Each player chose a category for the round but alternate. WOKer who start a quizbattle chose round 1 and round 3. Opponent WOKer finish round 1 and chose round 2 and finish round 3 and chose round 4. The category in round 5 is chosen by the player with the least amount of WOkbits after round 4.
c. purple means quizbattle is finished and you can check the battle graph and review your questions you answered to learn more and check learning links and more statistics.  
Scroll down do see all your battles. 

QK7 screen Start 140912


start a Quizbattle in Quiz King. 

There is five (5) ways you can start a quizbattle in Quiz King:
1. Search a WOKer in WOKcraft by name. click on the name and see the profile and start play with the green button. 
2. Search a Facebook friend. You will see who is registered WOKer already and who is not. Send an invitation to any of your Facebook friends. 
3. Search a Nearby WOKer on the map to see a WOKer in your neighborhood. Maybe there is a WOKer, added as a friend "Added WOKER" or Facebookfriends or any other WOKer who you actually can meet in real life and play with. 
4. Random by button. A random player profile is displayed and you can click Play after review this WOKer 
5. Random by shake your device: You start a battle with an unknown WOKer. Fast and fun! You can always play Quiz King if you are online .

ChoOse a Category

QK7 screen chooseMC 140912QK7 screen chosen 140912

Once you started to play a quizbattle in Quiz King; You will choose a category of your liking. There is twentyone (21) main categories in Quiz King + one general = 22 Main categories. In the free version (without any inapp purchase upgrade), you chose from 3 random out of these 22 categories each time you chose a round. If you want to see and scroll through all 22 categories to be sure you will play with one of your favorite category: You can upgrade to 2x, 3x, 4x options. But we are sure you will find one good out of the three categories in each round. Once you have choosen: Round start and first question will load from the WOK server in the cloud! There are PLENTY questions to chose from. And growing. We have the largest database in the world of question as to our knowledge, Hey! We are the Knowledge Network. Not just a one hit wonder quiz app. 

Instant feedback for the right answer

QK7 screen question inplay 1 140917QK7 screen question inplay 2 140917

As soon as you start play a round a timer will count down from 15 seconds so you get time to anwer. (you can add by upgrade) The sooner you anser the correct answer, the better. Because you get more WOKbits for knowing the answer quicker than the opponent. See how WOKbits works. You click on the answer and it will instant show the right one. The questions can then be reviewed anytime after you have finished a round. 

Review the questions after a round is finished.

After a round is finished you can also review the answers and then you get much more information. So, when a quizbattle is started, ongoing or finished, you can always go back and review your answers and see the score in each question in each round and learn more.
Step by step: Go to Home. Chose a battle. Then, click to see the review screen. click then on a round. Each question is displayed. Swipe to the right to go tonext. Swipe up to see the learning link and tags. And statistics about how other WOKers have answered. This is of course an excellent way to review the right answer. Because with learning links we have added wikipedia to the questions. So if you did not know: You click and learn with the help of Wikipedia! And if learning link is missing: click "Learning link" and add one. Next WOKers will thank you and you get lots of WOkbits in the process of helping WOK be even better. Yes, we turned learning into a game. Yes, this is not a coincidence. WOK is the Knowledge Network. And Quiz King is the tool to make it fun! 

QK7 screen reviewround 140912QK7 screen question pyramid 140912QP7 off9d 140805QP7 off9d tags 140805QP7 off9c 140814

Check the battle in a graph

After a battle is over : You will see the score and who won in an overview graph to see how the battle have developed during the 5 rounds and the 20 questions. You can swipe left and right between the graph and the review screen to see the review battle screen as well. 

QK7 screen review round 140912 QK7 screen graph 140912

Check the WOKers profile 

In the social network WOK you have a profile that is based on what you have achieved in WOKcraft ecosystem where Quiz King is a vital part of. In WOK: You gain reputation by gaining WOKbits (Wb) which is displayed in Scoreboard, Quiz King app aims to gain and collect WOKbits by scoring correct answers in the rounds and win quizbattles. You can also gain WOKbits in Quiz King and in other parts of WOK ecosystem by creating questions, tagging questions and adding learning links. Some WOKbits can not be earned in Quiz King. Ownership of questions is due to either by having made them yourself in Quiz King or elsewere in WOK or editing due to you have alerted others or others have alerted your questions.

QK7 Screen 3 Scoreboard 140912QK7 screen profile GF 140912QK7 screen profile MCscore 140920

When checking in the profile by click on a picture within the app of your opponent WOKer, click random buttom in Start or click on a Scoreboard name: You will see the WOKer profile. How many WOkbits he/she earned and how the WOKbits have been earned. There are some nice hidden feautuires in Profile if you dare to click to check the info. WOK is a community for quiz lovers. Note: In Settings of your phone, check Quiz King and there you can hide yourself from Scoreboard if you dont want to show your results and be part of the WOK community.

Check the profile page

To meet and challenge a WOKer, you can find out what type of WOKer he/she is. 
How many WOKbits have the WOKer earned? How is the distribution of the WOKbits? Where is the strong and weak spots if to beat the opponent? 
Where is his/her favorite categories? 
Where is the user from? Where was the last position of this WOKer? 
What does the person look like or have posted pic? 
How good is the WOKer in his/ her area? 
Is this WOKer a person who tags and creates questions in WOK or does he/ she play Quiz King? 
All this information is given in the profile. You can chat with the WOKer if you like before or during the battle. And add a WOKer to your list to compare yourself with your friends in Scoreboard WOKers list.

Note; if this info is not to your liking for others to see, you can make yourself invisable from Scoreboard. We all love quiz, but we have different preferences. Go to Settings of the iPhone and turn yourself off to be invisable. 
If you like to play anonymous and still have an alias in the Scoreboard. Go to Settings and Edit profile. Rename yourself and make another alias and if you like change position with country (state if in USA) and city. 

Read more in the Quiz King FAQ

Find a WOker on the map

With the Map function from the menu or when you click Start a Quiz Battle in Home screen, you can reach the Map and Nearby function. Check any WOKers last position on the map or only your added WOKers (close friends in Quiz King and WOk and Facebookfriends already in WOK) . You can also check the WOKers that are online right now nearby to catch a game and perhaps meet in real life using chat function. Get to know a WOKer and play together to enhance the fun playing WOK and Quiz King 

QK7 pepoleNear 2 MF 140903.PNG


Create question 

In WOK community, all content is made by the users, the WOKers. They create the questions that popup in the rounds in Quiz King app. Therefore you have the choice to create your own multiple choice question in Quiz King and be a part of the creation fun. To create a question for WOK and Quiz King just press Create Question in menu or in Settings and then you have four (4) steps to complete. 

1. Create the question 
2. Confirm the question
3. Category 
4. Tag and learning link

QK7 screen CQ1 140910

In the step 1 you create the question. Make it interesting, challenging and fun! We have guidelines for the process of making good questions to make it as good as it deserves to make the WOKers enjoy the question when they play. click W for Wikipedia to get help with verify the facts. You can write any question you like based on facts. (See guidelines). 
You also have the globe symbol to make sure the question end up in the right language since WOK is a global project making all questions to all Wikipedia articles. 
If you click on W and get Wikipedia link, you swipe to the right for correct answer input and the three (3) incorrect answers. All questions in WOK must have one correct and 3 incorrect alternatives. To make it uniform and fun. 

QK7 screen CQ2 140910QK7 screen CQ3 140910QK7 screen CQ5 140910QK7 screen CQ6 140910QK7 screen CQ8 140910

In step 2 you confirm the question. If you find and spelling error or want to change.
: Go back by answer incorrect or the back button and you will be able to edit as in step 1.

QK7 screen CQ9b 140910

After you confirm the right answer you have saved the question to the WOK database and received 200 WOK bits for the effort. Thanks! However, we strongly advise you to put the question into a main category (MC) in step 3. If no MC is chosen, the question will end up in the default category General Knowledge. And we WOKers don't want all question end up there, do we?

In step 4 you can earn more WOKbits and add a tag or more tags to put the question into a suitable Wikipedia article to sort the question into subjects, which is a vital part of the WOK project aim (see WOK guide for taggers). The "Did you know" field is also the extra information you want to give to the curious WOKer to put attention to the facts in the question based on some extra information of value that will end up in the review question part of Quiz King. You can add a learning link by autocomplete in step 4 as well just as in review question. Each tag gives you 5 WOKbits (Wb) and a learning link will be rewarded with 10 WOKbits. 

QK7 screen CQ9c 140910QK7 screen CQ9g 140910

After you have entered the four steps, you will go back to the app. The question is now in the WOK database and you are the owner of it. It is first classified as B category. This means it will be upgraded to a class A classification once a SuperWOKer have reviewed it. Only class A question will show up in Quiz King for quality control purposes. If the SuperWOKer finds an error in your question it will be downgraded it to class C. You will be alerted. In Quiz King, you can not edit once you sent a question to WOK database. Quiz King is a social game. No editing is possible once you created a question in step 1-4 . But it's easygoing edit: You need to use the WOKwiki app (free) to edit the questions you posses ownership of. In WOKwiki you can for example put questions into quizzes and recieve double WOKbits 

Scoreboard is the Leaderboard for WOKers


QK7 screen Scoreboard 140912
In Scoreboard you can see your place in the WOK community. You will have a World rank. But you will also have a country rank and a city rank. You can click to see the rank in each category (MC) and see over a time period how you compare to other WOKers. And when you click on You in WOK, you will find yourself easy.
click on WOKer , this displays
a. the added WOKer you follow in WOK 
b. your Facebook freinds that are WOKers. 
This makes it easy to find and play with your friends but also other WOKers . 
Its very easy to challenge anyone in WOK. click on the name: See the profile. And click Play. You start a game with the WOKer and you can chat with this WOKer before, under and after a battle. Its so much fun to meet a WOKer . 
click on the position symbol and see where the WOker are located. click on the green cirecle to see the distribution of WOKbits.
Swipe to see Battles in top line and you will see the best WOKbattlers.  We think this is truly great way of this quiz app and to get WOKers come together. Hope you enjoy it. And if you happend to like to play, but not in public; You can go to Settings of your device. And turn Scoreboard visability off "Show in Scoreboard" . This means you will not be seen by other WOKers. You can also change your name in Settings to be visable under an alias.  


In Settings you can edit your profile, change the language of the app, change password (if not Facebook login), get lots of help options and give us feedback. And logout from your account in WOK. 

In Edit Profile; You change first and last name to your liking. You still can login with Facebook and will not be disclosed. You can click on the pic in the Top Bar. 

Other screenshots from the app (not in AppStore that holds five (5) screenshots only) 

Screens for 3,5 inch 

QK7 Screen 3 Home 140912


QK7 Screen 3 Startbattle 140912


QK7 Screen 3 ReviewRounds 140912


QK7 Screen 3 Question 140912



QK7 Screen 3 Scoreboard 140912 


// Last edited on 2015-10-22

Download Quiz King from WOKcraft here!
Quiz King in AppStore
Quiz King in Google Play 

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